Our Vision is to come together as a community to ensure a vibrant, urban greenspace—a sanctuary, a meeting place—for friends, visitors and neighbors, that inspires our imaginations, fosters friendships, and offers calm amidst hectic city life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to restore, enhance and maintain Verdi Square Park, in partnership with the City of New York, for the enjoyment and benefit of our diverse community; to engage the community in active stewardship of the park; and to promote a connection to nature through educational programming especially for children and youth.

About the verdi square project

The Woodland is the name given to the newly designed garden surrounding the statue of Giuseppe Verdi at Verdi Square. The Woodland is inspired by community interest in a safe, beautiful and ecologically sustainable green space accessible to all. The Woodland was designed to include indigenous New York City plant species that are proven to thrive in the urban environment. Additional criteria include safety, four-season beauty, wildlife and educational value.  Each of the native species planted in the Woodland has ecological partners including pollinators, butterflies and birds that can be expected to visit the garden throughout the year. Weekend nature programming will be built around the diversity of native plants and their intimate and fascinating roles in the fabric of life. The Friends of Verdi Square, our volunteer gardeners and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation have worked together to acquire and plant the garden and will maintain it throughout the year.

The Meadow is the raised garden on the Broadway side of Verdi Square, and is our next project, along with the Rose Garden, the raised granite beds featuring the urns, in the center of the plaza. We welcome your donations to Friends of Verdi Square so that we can complete the design of the Woodland, the Meadow and the Rose Garden!

FRIENDS OF VERDI SQUARE STEERING COMMITTEE: Daniel Atha, Ken Chaya, Aaron Harnick, Joseph Kalis, Nancy Kaufman, Aleya Lehmann, Kathleen Murphy, Kevin Sisco, and Quentin Webbb.

WITH SUPPORT FROM: NYS Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal; Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer; NYC Council Member Helen Rosenthal; Roberta Semer from Community Board 7/Manhattan; and Elizabeth Ewell, Goddard Riverside/Green Keepers.

ADVISORY COUNCIL: Simeon Bankoff, Adrian Benepe, Charles Birnbaum, Michael Imperioli, Eve Kahn, Margaret Kaplan, and Joseph Sciorra.

BUSINESS COUNCIL: Apple Bank, Amsterdam Wine Co., Blue Bottle, Chase Bank, Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency, Rutgers Presbyterian Church, Salumeria Rosi, and Utopia Diner.

FOUNDING DONORS: Suzanne Davis, David Frye, Sarah Grout, Joseph Kalis, Gene and Susan Resnick, James Vallance, and Peter Wright · Carol Buchalter, Bonnie and Peter Hahn, Eileen Himmel, Joan Kagan, Margaret Kaplan, George Litton, Cosmin Maiorescu, Mary McCorry, Christine Negra, Patrcia and Martin Sandler, David Tuder, Joel Ulster and Michael Herzman, Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, and Judy Weller · Andrea Axelrod, Evelyn Barish, Susanne Beck, Miriam Bohbot, Loren Brenowitz, Jenny Eisenberg, Harriet Flehinger, Gael Greene, Aaron Harnick, Gloria Hodes, Chizu Ito, Gladys Nussenbaum, Nina Saevitzon, Joan Schwartz, Elizabeth Semrai, Vera Smith, Mary Riley Smith, Barbara Vitanza, Howard Weiser, Betty Williams, and Jeannie Williams.

 ALL-VOLUNTEER GARDENING CREW: Daniel Atha, Chair, Horticulture Committee, and his team: Danny Best, Loren Brenowitz, Connie Casey, Oliver Chessler, Carol Ann Cheung, Sarah Collins, Chris Cousino, Andrew Curtis, Josh Davis, Mike DeProspo, Maggie Dougherty, Mary Drayne, Diana Golderg, Bonnie Hahn, Chizu Ito, Brandt Johnson, Joseph Kalis, Louis Kleinman, Cosmin Maiorescu, Merle McEldowney, Guthrie Porter, Livia Schappert, Elsa Shartsis, Kevin Sisco, Diana Utech, Belinda Watts, Quentin Webb, Judy Weller, Janet Wooten, and Ali Yildirim.

 NYC PARKS CREW: Robert McLean, Regional Manager and Matt Genrich, Park Manager, NYC Parks, and their team: Ben Shupp, Ada Ubinas, Ricardo Gallardo, and Mike Kelin.

 SPECIAL THANKS: Marouh Hussein, Kyle Mytelka, Lindsay Sierra, and Rebecca Cohen, City Parks Foundation/Partnerships for Parks; Jonathan Kuhn and Jennifer Lantzas, NYC Parks Art & Antiquities/Verdi Monument Fund; Steve Simon, NYC Parks; Cheryl Hageman, MTA Arts for Transit; Timothy Malin, 20th Precinct; Monica Blum, Lincoln Square BID; Robyn Bellamy, Broadway Malls; Camila Chaves Cortes; Neil Stevenson, Lawyers Alliance of New York; George Litton, Verdi Square Festival; Andrea Filippone, AJF Design; “T” Fleisher, Battery Park City Parks Conservancy; John Egenes and Jessica Kaplan, whynotnative; Arthur Ross Citywide Nursery and Greenbelt Native Plant Center; Rockefeller Center, Zambelli Landscaping, and Future Green Studio; and Citarella, Fairway, and Trader Joe’s.

“People respond positively to well maintained greenspaces . . . they’ve become a hallmark of successful public spaces.”
— Liam Kavanagh, First Deputy Commissioner, NYC Parks